What Makes Foothills Chiropractic So Great?

Our Mission at Foothills Chiropractic

The mission of Foothills Chiropractic is to honor the inborn potential of everyone, to be truly healthy

We desire to help the newborn, the aged, 
and those without hope

We wish to assist rather than intrude, 
to free rather than control.

We seek to correct a cause, not its effect.

We want to make a difference and witness miracles.

Our purpose is to give everyone the best possible health care.

Our History

Foothills Chiropractic was opened in the Fall of 1994 by Dr. Jurgen Oltjenbruns.

Now retired, Dr. Jeffery Ring, the new owner, along with Dr. Gail Shriner and their team of professionals, treat your symptoms through a natural and caring approach. The team of professionals at Foothills Chiropractic seek first the cause and then the cure.

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